Knanaya Catholic
Congress of Victoria,
Australia Inc


  • To nurture and continue the knanaya traditions, culture and values, especially for our youth.
  • To promote awareness of our history, culture, tradition and values.
  • To welcome and assist newly-arrived members whenever possible.
  • To maintain homogeneity within the group and encourage the growth and cohesiveness of the community.
  • To engage in democratic and collaborative decision-making for the benefit of the community.
  • To work in harmony with the wider Catholic and other Christian communities.
  • To raise funds for worthy causes: local, national and international.
  • To offer counselling to adults and children experiencing various kinds of difficulties or crisis situations.
  • To offer bereavement support to individuals, couples or families who are grieving over the loss of a dear one.

Message from His Grace Mar Mathew Moolakattu, Archbishop of Kottayam.

It is my pleasure to be able to visit the knanaya community in Australia. This is a historic occasion for all of us. Since its inception in April 2003, this fledgling community has been rapidly growing from strength to strength both through the breadth and scope of the community's activities and also through the increasing number of knanaya migrants to Australia from various parts of the world.

Special thanks must go to Fr. Jacob Thadathil and to Fr. Thomas Karamakuzhy for their initiative, guidance and ongoing support of this community and to the elected members of this community for providing leadership.

The coming together of this community is a most reassuring sign that the knanaya spirit, culture, heritage and traditions are alive and well. I am confident that the founding members of this community, together with all its current members, have paved the way for future generations, holding the torch high for them. May this light shine brightly into the future.

It is also my great pleasure to formally inaugurate the Australian Knanaya Community Website. May it be an instrument for knowledge and learning and a tool for constructive achievements and positive change in our world.

Your brother in the risen Jesus Christ.

Archbishop Mathew Moolakattu Archdiocese of Kottayam.

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